Alumina Grinding Balls

Alumina grinding balls also known as  alubit bals are made of α fine aluminum oxide powder, by cool iso-static pressing and fired at a very high temperature in kiln.

Alubit balls usually have high content of alumina with purity of 92% or 95%, it is the most ideal ball mill grinding media. Alubit balls can significantly improve milling efficiency, keep no contamination and energy saving. It enjoys the benefits of uniform shape, high density and high hardness, lower wear loss rate.

Alubit balls, alumina grinding ball is mainly used in ceramic tiles industry for clay grinding, pigment, glass, glaze, chemical industry and many other fields.

92% Alumina Grinding Balls Test Results
Specific Density 3.65 g/cm3
Mohs Hardness 9
Color White
Alumina Purity 92%
Applications Grinding bodies for ball mill
corundum alumina balls

corundum alumina balls