Ceramic Fiber Board

Ceramic fiber board, is one refractory material manufactured by vacuum forming or drying process by drying and machining refined. Ceramic fiber board is the ideal energy-saving material for the kiln, pipe and other insulation equipment.
Benefits of ceramic fiber board:
1, high compressive strength, long service life;
2, low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity;
3, non-brittle material, good toughness;
4, the size of precision, good flatness;
5, easy to install, easy construction;
6, excellent anti-wind erosion performance;
7, continuous production, fiber distribution, performance and stability.

Characters of ceramic fiber board:
Ceramic fiber board in addition to the corresponding bulk ceramic fiber cotton excellent performance, the product is hard, toughness and strength, with excellent resistance to wind erosion. Heating is not inflated, light weight, easy construction, can be any shear bending, kiln, pipes and other insulation equipment, the ideal energy-saving materials.
Production of ceramic fiber board:
The use of jet fiber (fiber short, thin, easy to break and mixed) as a ceramic fiber board raw materials, adding a certain proportion of binder, filler-level additives, through the beater, in the pulp pool fully dispersed into a slurry. Pump into the molding tank and stir with compressed air. The mold into the molding pool, the use of the principle of vacuum, the fiber slurry adsorption on the mold.
Precise control of the adsorption time, the wet fiber dehydration dehydration, stripping, placed in the tray sent to dry oven drying 10-24 hours. After drying the fiberboard through a special grinding machine, trimming machine, precise control of the size.
User industries:
1, cement and other building materials industry kiln back insulation;
2, petrochemical, metallurgical, ceramics, glass industry, the furnace lining insulation;
3, heat treatment furnace backlash insulation;
4, non-ferrous metals industry back insulation;
5, high temperature reaction, heating equipment back insulation insulation.